INCARI Studio 1.1 released

** INCARI Studio 1.1.0 released

CGI Studio is proud to announce the release of a new INCARI Studio version.

The application is being continuously refined to boost the way how user interfaces are created. Get in touch with us and leave your feedback on how to make it even better on our new Support ( website.

Download INCARI Studio 1.1.0 and check out all new features.
Download version 1.1.0 (

** 3D transform gizmos

New easy to use 3D transformation gizmos to translate, rotate and scale your scene objects.

** Get started

We added a summary page of all resources to get you fast on track with INCARI Studio.

** New logic nodes

With every release, new logic nodes are added to improve your workflow and shorten development time.

** Support

Use our new Support platform for all your questions, issues and improvement ideas.

** INCARI Studio documentation online!

Any questions? Find all basic answers in our online documentation ( , which is improving every day to make it easier for you to leverage INCARI Studio to its fullest extent.

For further questions, write us directly on our support ( website or send us an email to ( .