INCARI Studio 1.4 released

INCARI Studio 1.4 released! Update now!

We have just released our latest version of INCARI Studio, the automotive HMI creation platform for designers and engineers.
We are going to release new versions on a monthly basis. You will see a lot of improvements and cool new features in the version 1.4 release.

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New Logic Editor

The new granularity of the nodes allows the creation of very complex logic. A wide range of functionality has been exposed via nodes, as well as a new Event system.

Logic Scopes

In addition to the global project scope, a scene scope has been added, for better modularity and portability. Scopes are now represented as Tabs in the UI.

Asset Quick Selector

Assets can now be easily selected, replaced and created directly within the Attribute Editor’s Asset Slot.

Asset Auto-Update

The new Filewatchers automatically update externally edited assets in the Project .

INCARI Studio documentation

Any questions?
Find all basic answers in our online documentation, which is improving every day to make it easier for you to leverage INCARI Studio to its fullest extent.
Check out our new beginner tutorial on the documentation page

For further questions, contact us directly on our support website.