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Incari 2.0 release with new corporate identity

We are happy to unveil our new corporate identity with a release of Incari 2.0 - The HMI Development Software. This is the first evolution of our branding since the founding of CGI Studio GmbH in 2011, yet our core values and philosophy remain unchanged.

Incari HMI Development Tool

New Identity.

Same Philosophy.

Rebranding Corporate Identity

Even during the pandemic lockdown, our team was dedicated to creating a new brand image ‘Incari HMI Development Platform’ that accurately depicts who we are at our core.

We as a company will continue to operate under the name CGI Studio but as we are fully devoted to the development of the Incari HMI Development Platform, all current and future correspondence will be communicated under this brand. We continue delivering smart solutions that simplify the entire UI development process for our automotive partners and beyond.

Not only has Incari Studio received visual enhancements, but it also brings a ton of new operations and performance improvements to promote agile HMI development and accelerated UI innovation. Moreover, Incari 2.0 has a long list of powerful modules that are designed to optimize user productivity, reduce costs, and enhance quality.

What´s New?

Introducing Incari Studio 2.0 which has received a complete visual overhaul, including a new color palette and icons to greatly improve the user experience, as well as introducing a number of new features and modules to further enhance the power of the Incari HMI Development Platform.

Incari 2.0 Key Features

1. Curve-based Animation Editor

One of the main features of Incari Studio 2.0 is the advanced curve-based animation editor. The new curve editor allows the Transformation Attributes of all Objects to be animated. Each attribute has a keyframe at various points in the timeline and then the interpolation between those frames can be refined using the Bezier curve-based graph editor. These animations can of course be used seamlessly alongside the existing image sequence functionally and the more programmatic node-based approaches.

Curve-based Animation Editor

2. Node Groups & Re-Route Node

Incari Studio’s Logic Editor now gives you the ability to group nodes and logic together. As logic grows in complexity, being able to organize nodes into customization groups with descriptive comments, color-coding, and more, allows you to easily locate the logic you want to focus on, even when zoomed out. Additionally, double-clicking a connection will now create a “Re-route Node” which allows you to redirect, merge, and tidy connections to vastly reduce the amount of “node spaghetti”. These new additions help improve the rate of rapid prototype creation.

3. Custom Text Styling Using CSS

In addition to the Text Object’s existing styling attributes, Incari 2.0 offers further design possibilities with the use of a separate CSS file. This new feature allows you to copy CSS code directly from your existing design software and apply the same styling to the text within Incari Studio. Using the built-in Code Editor, you can also create an unlimited variety of text styles without ever leaving Incari.

4. OpenGL-Based 3D Rendering Engine with PBR Capabilities

Today, many modern rending engines have implemented PBR (Physically-based rending) to enhance the visual appearance of designs and get predictable results. With PBR in Incari, 3D models can now be shaded in a more standardized way, using HDRI environment maps to create realistic reflections and lighting behavior. Moreover, Incari also offers a glass and car paint shader, as well as Phong, and shadeless models.

Fictional supercar – V12 Goblin” by Ollitei is licensed under CC BY 4.

5. Opacity Maps and Masking

Finally, Incari Studio now offers the ability to use a separate graphic or asset to adjust the transparency of another sprite object with opacity maps and masking. This allows for much more complex effects and animations and perfectly implement the creative vision of a designer.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is masks-720x403.png


With Incari 2.0 we introduce server and client capabilities. These new features provide the ability to connect to external APIs, control your UI remotely, or exchange data with external servers via HTTP and MQTT nodes. The JSON parse node enables you to connect the data received from those APIs directly to your UI elements.

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