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Video tutorial series of Incari Studio 2.0.

Incari´s new video tutorial series is a go-to guide for beginners looking for an introduction to the HMI development platform.

incari studio video tutorial

This video tutorial series creates a manageable learning experience by guiding users through the process of UI design implementation step-by-step.

Part 1: Create an HMI project in Incari Studio

If you are using Incari Studio for the first time and looking for a beginners´ guide, then watch this video tutorial. Learn how to create a new project or edit an existing one with Incari Hub.

Part 2: Navigation & Interface of Incari Studio

This video provides an understanding of how to navigate in 2D and 3D space and customize your workspace by adding, removing, and repositioning modules.

Part 3: Incari Assets, Objects, and Attributes

The video explains different ways of adding assets into the Asset Manager and how to create and work with Objects. You will also learn that each Object has its own properties which are referred to as Attributes in Incari.

Part 4: Text Object in Incari HMI Development Platform

Text is a key element when creating a speed meter, so this video will help you to create a Text Object, as well as add multiple assets to a Scene. By the end of the tutorial, you will have prepared all of the text and graphics so that they are ready to add logic.

Part 5: The Logic Editor

A video tutorial which demonstrates how to create logic in a fast and innovative way, without writing a single line of code, using Incari’s Logic Editor. Whether you have experience with programming or not, Incari is the best tool for bringing your UI design to life.

Part 6: KeyPress Events, Variables, Data Types, and Getters

We continue our introduction to the Logic Editor in Incari Studio 2.0. This video will introduce you to essential Nodes and functionalities such as keypresses, events, variables, data types, and variable getters.

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